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okinawa : japan photos

Last year I briefly visited Okinawa, Japan, for a friends wedding. Okinawa is one of a string of islands stretching between the southern most Japanese island of Kyushu and Taiwan.  This was my second visit to Japan, the first some time ago was prompted by my love of Japanese gardens. I admire the Japanese for their rich sophisticated culture, their cohesion, and mutual respect.

The top photograph is one of a series taken at the fantastic Churaumi Aquarium which is midway between the main city of Naha and the wedding resort at Okuma Beach. The main aquarium is huge with a number of whale sharks cruising amongst giant Manta Rays and other fish.  The second photograph was taken at night in the main street of Naha. In Taiwan and Okinawa, many young people were interacting with flipped out cell phones, I guess Wi-Fi is widely availabe to the public. I travelled simply, – a Canon 5D2 with a single Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f2.0 lens  : : peter

channel island : hauraki gulf photographs

Night photograph of fishing trawler Corinthian preparing for an early morning departure from Port Jackson, Coromandel Peninsula, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. Channel Island in background and Great Barrier Island on the horizon. (Peter Tasker)

Often referred to in weather forecasts but never seen, – Channel Island was always a mystery to me. Early one morning my curiosity was satisfied by sailing from Port Jackson, at the northern end of Coromandel Peninsula, out and around Channel Island.

This small barren island lies in the passage of water between Great Barrier Island and Coromandel Peninsula. It is subject to strong tidal flows and heavy seas, and often records the highest wind speeds within the Hauraki Gulf.

The slide-show currently showing above gives a sense of my early morning departure from Port Jackson, and the sea and bird-life encountered  : : peter

moturekareka island : hauraki gulf new zealand

Launch, Vanessa, at anchor in Shipwreck Bay, Moturekareka Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. (Peter Tasker)

Moturekareka Island is a ‘gem’ located between Kawau Island and Mahurangi Harbour. A feature of this island is the wreck of the Rewa which was once the largest New Zealand registered sailing ship. The Rewa was bought in the early 1930’s and towed to Moturekareka Island by then owner Charlie Hansen, who planned to moor the ship across the bays entrance. Strong winds foiled his plans and she now lies scuttled close to shore. For more information about the Rewa, click this link to read Phil Braithwaite’s excellent blog post.

A New Zealand classic I read years ago is John Wray’s book ‘South Sea Vagabonds’ in which an inexperienced Wray builds his own boat (Ngataki) using materials from the Rewa and then hilariously adventured throughout the Pacific. My recollection is of a story told in a similar style to Barry Crump.

Using a Canon 5D2 at 1/5th of a second and f4.0, the top photograph of the launch ‘Vanessa’ was taken from my boat at night. The launch name and other details are all perfectly clear. Please click this link for more Hauraki Gulf photographs.  : : peter